COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 situation in countries where the vast majority of Diff Lab's products are manufactured continues to cause significant ongoing delays, as many products remain back-ordered. In many instances, the only way to secure products is to order them, as stock allocations are limited. In some cases the stock allocation for the entire Australian market may be 1-3 units for a given vehicle, in a 6-12 month period. There is not enough stock available for everyone.

OS Giken: Approximately 90% of the range is back-ordered with production delays of up to three months. Expect ongoing delays. The only way to secure OS Giken products is to order and wait. There is not enough stock available that there will be products on the shelf. Expect this situation to continue well into 2022-2023.

Wavetrac: Ongoing delays of up to two months remain. Many common items are now back in stock. Expect delays of up to 4-6 weeks on many items. Wavetrac units are fitted with ARP hardware, which is currently in short supply.

MFactory: The situation is worsening as materials are not available for production. Many items are back-ordered. Most items are arriving within 1-2 weeks. Some popular BMW and JDM units are back-ordered for several months.

BMW Motorsport: Many ring and pinion sets are back-ordered. The 210mm 4.44 has no production date as yet. The 210mm 4.10 has now come back into stock in a limited quantity. **BMW Motorsport gears in 210/215mm can only be purchased as part of an assembly at the moment, due to limited availability. They remain on the website, but orders for gears along will be cancelled and will not ship.

Cat Cams: There is a significant delay in production of up to eight weeks. No stock is held at the moment, and all items are manufactured as needed.

ARP: There are significant ongoing delays with ARP products, and this is affecting BMW stud kits and VAG ring gear bolt kits stocked at Diff Lab, plus the ARP bolts used in Wavetrac units. Expect delays of up to several months on out-of stock ARP products. For the time being, VAG ring gear bolt sets can only be sold with MFactory and Wavetrac LSD units and not on their own. There is not enough stock to supply ring gear bolt sets for units purchased elsewhere.

Hyperlock: We are slowly building inventory of Hyperlock units to suit BMW. They are now in stock for 188K/LW differentials which is almost every 6-cyl naturally aspirated BMW after 1996. Stock for 188mm classic differentials is due in November.

Rebuild Kits: There are constant shortages of bearings. We are doing our best to keep rebuild kits on the shelf. Some kits may have delays of up to two weeks.

The COVID-19 situation shows no signs of improving any time soon. It is currently impossible to keep stock on the shelf, as the majority of items are now back-ordered. The only way to secure what you need, is to place an order and wait. We cannot do anything to improve the situation during a global pandemic. This will continue well into 2022 and probably into 2023. There is nothing we can to do improve the situation. Your patience is appreciated.

The level of anger and aggression shown by Australian customers during the global pandemic is unacceptable and un-Australian. Diff Lab did not cause the pandemic and cannot do anything to resolve it. Customers who lash out at Diff Lab regarding production delays and limited availability will have their orders cancelled and will be permanently blacklisted. Enough us enough.