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Attend a Skid Control day and receive 10% off your order of MFactory limited slip differentials, torque biasing differentials, ring and pinion sets, gearbox gear sets, clutches and flywheels. You need to send in your receipt to Diff Lab and you will be Emailed a coupon to be redeemed within 60 days of the date on the receipt.

We trust that these conditions are fair and reasonable. Diff lab is offering a genuine discount of the retail price, which in many cases means that your track day is free (MFactory products with a retail price of >$1500). We at Diff Lab and Skid Control hope you take advantage of this promotion. It can be used as many times as you attend track days at Skid Control.

Book in for your Skid Control track day here.

While you're here, check out the Skid Control channel on youtube.


The following terms and conditions apply to this promotion:

  1. Diff Lab reserves the right to end the promotion at at time without notice.
  2. The customer must have purchased the Skid Control track day, and not received it gratis or as part of some other promotional offer.
  3. Customers from group bookings with Skid Control are acceptable.
  4. The promotion is available from only.
  5. The promotion is not available via ebay or MFactory directly.
  6. The deal is not redeemable for cash.
  7. The deal is not retroactive.
  8. The advertised discount applies for 60 days after the date on your receipt from Skid Control, for your track day.
  9. The promotion applies to the advertised brand only, and cannot be redeemed for other brands.
  10. The promotion applies to the deal which was advertised on the date of your receipt from Skid Control.
  11. The maximum number of times the discount can be applied per receipt from Skid Control is one (1).
  12. If you give your coupon code to someone else, it will be cancelled. The discount is for you only.
  13. No discounts are available on freight.
  14. No discounts are available on labour or complete differentials.
  15. No discounts are available on credit card or Paypal surcharges.
  16. The total cart value is under $5,000 AUD.

Send in your details and a photo of your receipt to Diff Lab to claim your 10% discount off MFactory. Click here for the contact page.