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Use the contact form below to send Diff Lab a message, or send an Email to:

Diff Lab's Email address

Phone:  (07) 3077 6660   (Urgent race team and tuning shop enquiries only, 9am - 5pm Mon-Fri)
International Phone:  +61 7 3077 6660   (9am - 5pm GMT+10 Mon-Fri)

For pricing, stock availability, discussions about your vehicle etc, you should use email as we can send links, product prices, informative videos, quote freight costs etc. Some calls will go unanswered. This is normal and it means an important job is being assembled to meet an imminent deadline. Someone will not be racing, and will lose their championship points, if the job is not completed. Do not be alarmed, and resist the urge to become aggressive. Please know, that nobody cares that you're upset. Send an email instead. If you are about to miss a race event because of differential troubles, send an email with "URGENT" in the subject line, and begin preparing the differential to send in. We will do everything we can to ensure that you don't miss the event.

Work Priority

Diff Lab exists primarily to serve the amateur and semi-professional motor racing community. These customers have priority over customers seeking repairs for road vehicle driveline components. Road vehicle differentials will be moved down the queue if there are upcoming motor racing events and differentials are needed for these events. Diff Lab can service and upgrade components for road vehicles when time permits. Delivery times can be guaranteed for race events. Delivery times for road vehicles cannot be guaranteed.

Warranty Jobs

If a differential needs to be adjusted or modified under warranty, you should email first, and check for a quick fix (change of oil type) to resolve the situation. Usually differentials with limited slip units can have their locking efficiency modified with oil alone, and don't need internal mechanical changes. Though in the event that it does, send the differential in, and the changes will be made at no cost to you. Let Diff Lab know that a differential is incoming, and what changes to its configuration you are requesting (e.g. reduce locking, increase locking, change cam action, change pre-load etc). Follow the procedure below when sending in the differential.


The shop address is sent to customers by email when an order has been placed which requires shipping a differential.

All differentials must be couriered to the shop. Only regular trade customers may make deliveries.

Important:  Differentials must be thoroughly drained and cleaned prior to delivery. You must not send dirty differentials containing oil via courier. This leads to businesses and persons being banned from using courier services, and cleaning charges of delivery trucks and courier depots. Your risk exposure from having an oil spill in a courier van is not worth it. Uneconomical charges will apply for cleaning and draining differentials.

Exchange differential procedure:

  1. Drain the old differential thoroughly while it is still installed in the vehicle.
  2. Remove the old differential, soak in degreaser and pressure wash. Clean both top and bottom (flip it upside down).
  3. (Finned differentials only) Remove the rear cover and install onto new differential with Loctite grey or blue sealant.
  4. Install new differential and fill with Diff Lab's supplied or recommended oil (most units use 75W140 limited slip or OS250R). Tighten both plugs to spec. The new o-ring plugs don't need to be as tight as the old washer style plugs.
  5. Completely drain the old differential by placing it upside down, and spray inside with brake cleaner. Allow to dry. Stuff with rags.
  6. Place old differential into the box supplied, and strap to the pallet supplied. Write your name on the package.
  7. Return the old differential by TNT only, within 7 days. You can book in online without an account.

Procedure for sending your own differential:

  1. Drain your differential while still in the vehicle.
  2. Remove the differential.
  3. Remove any large deposits by hand.
  4. Soak in degreaser, and pressure wash, ensuring the under-side is cleaned also (flip it upside down).
  5. Re-soak in degreaser, and pressure wash again.
  6. Dry differential and remove drain plug.
  7. Sit differential back so the remaining oil drains out.
  8. Re-fit drain plug and package in very strong, re-usable packaging.
  9. Write your name on the package.
  10. Send to Diff Lab by TNT (Do not use e-go or Couriers Please)
  11. Email (not call) Diff Lab to notify us that the diff is coming. Note any special requirements (such as: you want your old parts returned).
  12. To get tracking updates, use the tracking provided. Do not contact Diff Lab for freight updates.

Note: Old parts will be thrown into scrap metal, which is outside in the rain, and is collected often. There will be no opportunities to salvage parts which went into a scrap metal bin. If you need any old parts back, the only opportunity to let Diff Lab know is immediately upon sending in the differential. You WILL NOT receive any old parts back unless you request them returned before the job is complete. We WILL NOT go through the scrap metal bin for you, to find your old parts.


Price enquiries

If you want Diff Lab to attempt to beat a price on a stocked item found elsewhere:

use this link instead.

Otherwise, here is the Contact Form which sends Diff Lab an email. Be mindful of the accuracy of the email address you type in here, as you will not receive a reply if it is incorrect.