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Diff Lab (OS Giken Australia) is the only authorised distributor and warranty agent in Australia for OS Giken, Japan. Diff Lab is the ultimate source for all things OS Giken, including Superlock LSDs, multi plate clutch kits, lightweight flywheels and premium fluids.

The only authorised OS Giken Australia products listed on Ebay Australia are those in our Ebay store here: Diff Lab Ebay Store. Other listings are unauthorised, and are usually Chinese grey imports. Only Diff Lab (OS Giken Australia) and our dealer network has authorised OS Giken products. Unauthorised grey imports have no warranty from OS Giken Australia, and these products will not be serviced by OS Giken Australia.

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OS Giken Product Videos

OS Giken Superlock vs TCD

OS Giken Negative Preload System


OS Giken Design and Technology

OS Giken Australia is a gold standard of limited slip performance. No other manufacturer has their patented thrust plates with reverse pre-load springs to provide the best possible turn-in for your vehicle. Only OS Giken grips like a locker, and turns like an open diff. This patented design is not available in any other LSD.

Read more about the OS Giken Superlock:

Superlock Design

Read more about the OS Giken multi plate clutch design:

OS Giken Clutch Features

OS Giken for BMW and Mercedes, and some common Toyota and Nissan are kept in stock. Many OS Giken items will need to be ordered ex Japan. Some items heave lead times of 2-6 weeks. Many OS Giken products can only be purchased if they are pre-ordered, as production runs are almost always pre-sold before they are ready to ship. All items are listed as in-stock, and all items can be supplied within a reasonable amount of time, whether they are added to a production run, or sold from stock on-hand. Plan head because OS Giken's facility has a low output and stock levels are always low.

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Why buy direct from Diff Lab? Diff Lab is OS Giken Australia and holds the largest inventory of authorised OS Giken products in the country. Here are some other reasons why Diff Lab is your source for OS Giken needs:
  • No products are unauthorised grey imports. They are 100% authorised.
  • Diff Lab is an actual motorsport diff builder, not just an online retailer
  • Diff Lab can provide custom setup and advice on Spec-X LSD units
  • Diff Lab is the repair agent in Australia for OS Giken
  • Diff Lab can provide the best price because we are the official importer
  • Diff Lab knows how to setup your car so it drives really right.