OS Giken Clutch Technology

There is an OS Giken clutch type to suit every driver and application. From casual street driving to circuit racing, to competitive drift, there is a clutch for you. OS Giken's multi-plate clutch technology features single plate, twin plate, triple plate and quad plate configurations. For certain configurations, clamping force can be ordered as standard or light, and flywheels may be ordered as standard or heavy.

OS Giken Clutch Types

Clutch Discs and Pressure Plates

All clutch discs feature metallic surfaces. Discs are available as sprung or solid. All feature cooling slots. Only the R series features a separate center hub assembly. Pressure plates are billet aliminium on the high-end models, and pressed steel on the mid-range models.

OS Giken Clutch discs

OS Giken Floating Pressure System

The new floating pressure system (patent pending) mounted on the pressure plate eliminates the clutch's abrupt engagement, which was the fate of solid type clutch discs. The leaf spring built into the pressure plate absorbs the impact at the moment the clutch is engaged, enabling smooth clutch operation, eliminating stress during hill-starting and hard take-offs.

Floating Clutch

The figure above is an animated representation of the cross section and movement of the floating pressure system. By dividing the pressure plate and pressure ring into two parts, the upper and lower parts, and arranging the leaf spring between them, we have succeeded in absorbing the shock when the clutch is engaged (at the time of contact) and lengthening the half clutch area.

Pressure Plate

The pressure plate floated by this leaf spring becomes a cushion and absorbs the impact at the time of engagement. The leaf spring assembly is designed to provide an air passage around the spring, cooling the assembly with high-speed air generated by the centrifugal force due to the rotation of the clutch. This design prevents the spring from deteriorating due to the heat generated from the clutch.


A well balanced and lightweight flywheel provides the best engine response for a sharper throttle feel and improved transient response. Flywheels are machined from billet aluminium and are well balanced.

OS Giken Flywheel


Discs with dampers are available for most models, and ease the shock on driveline components.

OS Giken Clutch Disc Springs

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