Price Guarantee

Diff Lab provides competitive pricing on limited slip differentials, gear sets and complete diffs. We aim to maintain the best prices in Australia, and in most cases on-par or cheaper with offshore sellers, as is the case with most of the OS Giken, Wavetrac and MFactory range. If you happen to find a stocked item cheaper elsewhere, please contact Diff Lab and we can beat the advertised or quoted price. Diff Lab guarantees to genuinely provide you with more value-for-money than you could receive anywhere else. This can be achieved by offering a better price, or a better product.


  1. The competitor's product must be absolutely identical.
  2. The competitor must have the item in stock for immediate delivery from Australia.
  3. The competitor's price must be advertised somewhere on the web or written in a quote.
  4. The competitor must be a reputable established business (a seller on Gumtree is usually not suitable), and not the overseas manufacturer.
  5. Comparable products are new-for-new or used-for-used. There is no way Diff Lab can beat a used price for a new item.

Real or Fake?

Diff Lab seems to attract persons who claim to have quotes from elsewhere which are cheaper than Diff Lab's prices, for an identical differential build or product. When asked for some evidence of better pricing, usually nothing can be provided. Don't be like these people. Cool guys and girls are honest.


What Are You Getting For Your Money?

When you're buying diff from Diff Lab, whether it's for a new M3 or a classic Skyline, the differential from Diff Lab is not the same as a differential from anywhere else. There is a great deal going on which sets a Diff Lab product apart. From Diff Lab's own in-house designed and fabricated components to proprietary assembly and set-up techniques. You simply cannot obtain a differential as good as a Diff Lab unit anywhere else. This is why Diff Lab is the best in the differential business. Thus the price you receive on a Diff Lab product may not be the same or lower than a competitors in some instances. In this case you get what you pay for. Diff Lab can not produce a differential to a lower standard in order to match or beat a competitor's price.


Offshore Purchases

Prices from overseas suppliers can be better at times due to exchange rate fluctuations. The Diff Lab prices are constant, and do not reflect day-to-day changes in the exchange rate. Generally they are about equal to overseas pricing, or cheaper. If you are buying from overseas consider the following:

  1. Items over $1000 AUD are taxed when they arrive at Customs, and this can add hundreds to the cost. The costs are 5% duty, 10% GST and $80 customs entry.
  2. Consider the credit card charges (international fees which appear on your statement) for buying overseas, and add those charges to the cost.
  3. Consider the time it will take to arrive, especially if the overseas supplier doesn't have the product on the shelf.
  4. Consider the nightmare you're in for if you need to make a warranty claim.
  5. Consider having no local support for your purchase at all.
  6. If you and the seller are caught with falsified Customs declarations, heavy penalties apply.
When you buy from Diff Lab you are getting local support, local warranty, local spare parts, and no additional or hidden costs and charges. So after considering a slight exchange rate variation in pricing which amounts to say, $10, you'd be mad to miss out on Diff Lab's genuine local support for your purchase for the sake of a ~$10 saving.


Diff Lab Benefits

When you buy from Diff Lab, you are buying from a retailer with partner workshops all over Australia. There is generally always local help available from trusted workshops whom have a long history with Diff Lab. Diff Lab has all of the heavy machines to perform all work in-house. You can be assured that the quality is second to none, as all machine work is performed by one person. Over the last ten years we have developed proprietary methods for machining BMW LSDs which have eliminated the free-play and premature wear problems which plague poorly produced products.


Diff Lab is one of only a few in the world who produce parts for BMW differentials. The Diff Lab shims kits, speedo delete plugs and steel plates are the best available anywhere in the world, and far exceed OEM quality and reliability.

When you deal with Diff Lab, you are not dealing with some telephone or Email sales person who has some basic understanding of the products. You're not talking to someone who is going to send your diff somewhere else to be assembled. You are dealing with the one and only person who builds all of the differentials, sources all of the best comonents at the best prices, and has the direct feedback from the fastest drivers. This is not a service which other online retailers can offer.

Diff Lab blueprints all differentials to BMW specifications. There is no excuse for failing to do this, like many of the big reputable diff builders do. It is not enough to throw a differential together, or to replicate the specs of a used diff. If building a new differential, new specifications are used and followed closely. This is a guarantee from Diff Lab.


A Final Word on Diff Lab

This is a very small business, which specialises in one area: performance and racing differentials. Every day Diff Lab is building racing differentials which finish on the podium and set records. Diff Lab has knowledge and experience far exceeding the Jack Of All Trades performance centres and online retailers. This is why Diff Lab's differentials last longer, are quieter, have a better feel and are often no more expensive. When you really know how to do something right, the results speak for themselves.


So, when you request a better price, consider that the product you're getting elsewhere is not the same as the product you're getting from Diff Lab. Anything else is just not as good.