Dealer Request

Request re-seller, workshop or retailer pricing for Diff Lab's brands. Diff Lab imports and stocks the following brands:

  • OS Giken (Sole Australian Distributor "OS Giken Australia", Sole Warranty Agent)
  • Cat Cams (Official Importer, Warranty Agent)
  • MFactory (Official Importer, Warranty Agent)
  • Wavetrac (Official Importer, Warranty Agent)
  • BMW Motorsport (Stockist)

Diff Lab assembles new differentials in-house for motor racing and road use. These differentials are available to trade customers if they also offer fitting in-house and are fully equipped with workshop facilities, a website, a phone number, and a customer guarantee of quality and workmanship. Euro specialists are preferred but not required. Pricing improves over time as the relationship grows. Standard trade pricing will apply until then. There are no discussions about the trade price structure with businesses who have ordered either nothing at all, or very little. Workshops and business can apply to become partners, which work cooperatively with Diff Lab, and any or all of the following perks can apply:

  • Free differential assembly for staff members' own vehicles,
  • Reduced trade pricing on most brands
  • Free differential assembly for shop promo vehicles,
  • Sponsorship level pricing on parts for all shop staff,
  • Phone support for workshop staff,
  • Heavily discounted or free track days and driver training days for shop staff,
  • Option for full sponsorship of a shop vehicle with Diff Lab products.


Workshops which have worked cooperatively with Diff Lab over time can apply to become a Partner Workshop. These workshops do not compete with Diff Lab on differential assemblies, and use Diff Lab differentials exclusively. Customers know that if they order a differential through these workshops, they are receiving a Diff Lab unit with guaranteed quality, and may also carry a lifetime warranty. To adoid any confusion as to the source and quality of differentials supplied by Partner Workshops, these shops fit Diff Lab units exclusively. These workshops have the knowledge and expertise to make suggestions and recommendations as to which differential configuration would suit the customer, and they have the ability to fit the unit in-house, and offer a guarantee on their work.


Use this form to apply for:

  • OS Giken Dealer Account
  • Wavetrac Dealer Account
  • Cat Cams Dealer Account
  • MFactory Dealer Account
  • BMW Motorsport Dealer Account