OS Giken Spec-X Upgrade

OS Giken Spec-X Upgrade

OS Giken

  • $150

Spec-X means that the LSD unit is not a default specification. It has been assembled specifically to meet the needs of a customer.

If you've been given a custom spec, or provided one by Diff Lab, and it makes your OS Giken Superlock a "Spec-X" custom order, this is the item to add to your cart. This upgrade enables you to select any ramp angles you wish, any active plate-count within the specs, and any locking threshold spring spec (spring rate and count).

Generally speaking a standard Spec-S 1.5-way can be made to drive almost any way you need it to. An example of why you might want a Spec-X is for drift applications whereby you may want 2-way thrust plates and a lower locking threshold. The only way to achieve this is with a special order unit. OS Giken charges a custom assembly fee for Spec-X.

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