BMW 135i 235i 335i M140i 240i 550i LSD Exchange Diff

Diff Lab

  • $4,799

**For now the M140i 2.81 differentials use a genuine BMW ring and pinion, not aftermarket. The quality of the gears is comparable. There is no price difference.

This assembly suits almost every late model N54, N55, B58 and other turbocharged vehicles. For OS Giken, Wavetrac and MFactory, these are no longer machined assemblies save for the early 135i/335i manual 3.08 differentials which have a 3-bolt front flange. The Auto 3.45 option only applies to the early E8x/E9x automatics.

Late model auto/manual/DCT units with OS, Wavetrac and MFactory LSDs are now complete ground-up rebuilds featuring:

  • Brand new forged ring and pinion in 2.56, 2.81 or 3.08
  • Brand new full set of ball bearings (x4)
  • Brand new full set of new genuine BMW seals (x3)
  • Your choice of torque-biasing or limited slip differential
  • Complete factory blueprinting

Hyperlock units for M135i and M140i utilise the original German-made ring and pinion and feature:

  • Genuine BMW ring and pinion set
  • Brand new upgraded side bearings with higher load capacity
  • Brand new genuine side seals and pinion seal
  • Hyperlock limited slip differential, with custom setup to suit the ZF 8-speed
  • Factory blueprinting on the new carrier setup

These Diff Lab differentials are the only option in Australia for a complete rebuilt 215LW differential with a proper full size LSD unit. Unlike the BMW M Performance unit, these use a real 215 sized LSD, not a 188 size LSD in a 215 case.

Forged Gears with Lifetime Warranty ✓ Used gears with no warranty
All new ball bearings ✓ Used bearings
All new genuine seals ✓ Only 2x new seals
Blueprinting ✓ Close enough is good enough
Real limited slip solutions ✓ Mostly torque biasing solutions
Upgraded bearings available ✓ No options to upgrade bearings
Full size 215mm limited slip units used ✓ M Performance is a 188mm unit inside
New stainless shims ✓ Re-used old shims
Tailored to suit your needs ✓ Everyone is recommended torque biasing
No warranty registration needed ✓ Must register for warranty
Full warranty for worn torque biasing units (MFactory, Wavetrac) ✓ No warranty for "wear and tear"
Full warranty for accidental damage (MFactory) ✓ No warranty for accidental damage
Transferable lifetime warranty on torque biasing units ✓ Limited lifetime warranty on torque biasing units
Custom Setup OS Giken LSD Standard or default setup


Options on this page are for E60 535i(MT)/540i/545i/550i, E90 and E92 335i, E81 and E82 135i manual/DCT, F21 M135i manual, and F22 M235i manual, 140i, 240i. Most late model BMWs with the 215LW differential use the same differential case, with a different backing plate. If the vehicle is N54, N55 or B58 powered, this is usually the correct differential. They are typically 2.56, 2.81 and 3.08. Some early 135i and 335i auto vehicles are 3.45. The 3.45 differentials are not done on exchange as they can be assembled much more quickly, and are not full rebuilds. Though the 140i is automatic, it cannot use the cheaper 135i/335i automatic 3.45 differential.

Your late model turbocharged BMW responds very well to an LSD upgrade and a ring and pinion upgrade. Diff Lab's limited slip differentials are the very best available. Torque-biasing units (MFactory, Wavetrac) are a good option where cost is a factor, and will give your road car a more stable and predictable feel.

When you order a Diff Lab late model ball-bearing differential, it will be assembled within 5 business days and delivered to your door, or to a Diff Lab partner workshop. Configure your differential using the options. You can choose your desired gear ratio, LSD configuration and upgrades.

If you are not sending a diff into be built, and you need an exchange differential, a fully refundable core deposit of $1000 is added. If you do not return your old differential, you will not receive your core deposit back. Return freight via TNT is available.

Differential Options

LSD Options: You can configure your ultimate LSD with any of the LSD units in the drop-down menu. There are helical (torque-biasing) and clutch type (limited-slip) options. These are:

  • OS Giken Superlock: The gold standard of limited slip performance. Suitable for aggressive driving, frequent track days, modified vehicles, vehicles with power well-above standard and those who demand the very best. Works better with increased horsepower. Loves to power slide with tremendous stability and predictability. Extreme stability at high speeds. The OS Giken LSD is the ultimate choice for any driver. Service life is around 5x that of the BMW M Performance unit.
  • Wavetrac: A high quality torque biasing differential with patented technology which improves on the traditional helical design. Suitable for road cars with standard or near-standard horsepower, street driving, and the occasional track day. Limited stability and predictability.
  • MFactory: The best value-for-money fully forged torque biasing differential on the market. Featuring a lifetime transferable warranty, all forged internals and high tensile hardware. Suitable for the budget conscious driver seeking affordable performance for the road and occasional track day. Works well with standard vehicles or lightly modified vehicles, and semi-aggressive driving. Limited stability and predictability. 

Ring and Pinion: There are no Motorsport ring and pinion upgrades for the 215K ball bearing differential. All ring and pinion sets are new aftermarket items. Auto 3.45 differentials do not come with a new ring and pinion, or new pinion bearings/seal.

Diff Bolt Upgrade: The case bolts are often corroded, rusted and stretched. Replacing these is highly recommended.

Race Blueprinting: Diff Lab's special differential specifications for dedicated race differentials. This involves setting up the differential to handle higher temperatures and to have lower resistance. Race blueprinting is not for road vehicles.


Freight Options

Postage: Free delivery of your new diff is available to RX Automotive Brisbane and Brisbane Motor Works. Discounted postage to other preferred workshops. The freight costs to any other address shall be determined and a separate invoice will be sent to your Email address. Exchange differentials must be drained, cleaned and wrapped.


Why Buy From Diff Lab?

See why this is the best choice for you and your BMW:

  1. Built in Brisbane by one of the most experienced BMW LSD builders in Australia.
  2. Have your differential swapped over or installed at any of Diff Lab's partner workshops.
  3. Fully blueprinted to target specifications, not to any old specs within a wide range.
  4. All rebuild components are genuine. No cheap local parts are used e.g. Chinese made oil seals.
  5. Have any ratio you like - even the rare ones and Motorsport gears.
  6. Delivered to your door and ready to bolt in. Just add LSD oil (Liqui Moly or Penrite 75W140 synthetic).
  7. Exchange service with fast change-over. Usually assembled within 1-2 days.
  8. LSDs are inspected carefully with parts replaced as required.
  9. Never has an LSD been returned to Diff Lab under warranty.
  10. Should you need support, you are in good hands and Diff Lab will get you back on the road ASAP.
Diff Lab diffs are built to work and last. They will not need to be opened for many years of road driving. Just change the oil with good quality a quality synthetic product as needed.

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