Recommended Workshops

Diff Lab assembles differentials locally in Brisbane. We use all OEM bearings, seals and other items. We blueprint the entire unit to OEM specifications. Our work is guaranteed and the differentials are ready to race, drift, skid or slide. Diff Lab prefers to assemble your differential in the Diff Lab workshop and send you a final product.

Occasionally it might be necessary to have your diff assembled locally, or to have it removed and reinstalled to the vehicle. In that case the new parts or new differential can be sent directly to one of our partner workshops. This list of workshops represents some of the very best independent European service centres in Australia. Their values and work ethics are line line with Diff Lab's own. Diff Lab deals directly with the workshop owners to offer you the very best service and support.

Diff Lab has relationships with other trusted workshops and differential builders who are not listed here. First and foremost if Diff Lab assembles the differential, it will be assembled correctly. This should be your first preference.

The only workshop which can custom tune your OS Giken differential is Diff Lab. We have the components on hand to make modifications to the setup of OS Giken limited slip units and can adjust plate count, ramp angles and pre-load springs.

Diff Lab's recommended workshops are:



Rencal Motors (OS Giken specialist partner)


RX Automotive


Brisbane Motor Works (OS Giken specialist partner)



Gold Coast





Road and Race Performance

Ramspeed Automotive



BM Works


Perth 3MW


Using non-recommended workshops

If you choose to use a non-recommended workshop or diff builder, you are exposing yourself to the risk of damage to the differential for which Diff Lab will not be liable, and generally will not provide support for. When using a non-recommended diff builder who is not a BMW specialist, you are rolling the dice with a diff builder who:

  1. Has no BMW pinion shims for setting the pinion depth
  2. Has no BMW side shims for setting the carrier pre-load or backlash
  3. Will not use OEM bearing pre-load and backlash specifications
  4. Has little to no experience with BMW differentials
  5. Does not know how to adjust OS Giken Superlock LSDs.
  6. Does not know how to adjust MFactory LSDs.
  7. Will not be able to troubleshoot issues related to the assembly
  8. May damage an expensive gear set, bearing set or LSD unit.
The end result, based on experience, generally involves any combination of the following:
  1. Re-work of the LSD to setup LSD action properly, espeically on OS Giken.
  2. Another full strip, clean and rebuild
  3. Another new bearing set, new seals, and many other consumables
  4. Another 3-4 hours labour, or possibly more
  5. A new ring and pinion
  6. New LSD internals
  7. Machine work
  8. A new differential case
  9. A new LSD top cap and bolts
  10. A new LSD unit
  11. Gear lapping
  12. Labour intensive removal of metal particles
  13. New side covers
  14. Gear lapping
  15. Removal of parts which don't belong.

All items in the list above are drawn from customers' differential builds which were built by someone else. None of these items are hypothetical scenarios. They are all real, and they were all costly for the customers. These customers had to pay for two diff assemblies, plus additional parts and/or machine work. The total cost was in some cases double the original cost of the diff.

Diff Lab understands that you may have a workshop you're comfortable with. If they are going to use a diff builder who has little to no tools, parts, spares, knowledge and experience with BMW differentials, you're exposing yourself to unnecessary risk and you may pay the price. Diff Lab will not provide replacement parts where items are damaged due to incorrect installation. In these instances these parts can be supplied at a discount, but never provided as a warranty replacement (free of charge). You should reduce your risk exposure by using a trusted BMW specialist only.