MFactory Upgrade and Repair

Posted by Mike Grew on

For those waiting on the warranty repair of certain MFactory units fitted in the last 3~6 months, the new plates are in, and they feature an ultra-fine surface ground finish which should alleviate the harsh locking issue affecting a number of these units. When combined with re-machined thrust plates (performed by Diff Lab in-house), this resolves the harshness issue which some drivers are experiencing with their MFactory LSDs. MFactory has provided new plates to these customers free of charge, so please send in your differential to have the new plates fitted if your E46/E82/E90 differential has the locking harshness issue. There is no cost to customers.
This issue was identified and reported to the manufacturer, by Diff Lab, along with the suggested improvements to the manufacturing process. MFactory is very good at responding to feedback from the specialists in the field, and Diff Lab is always on the front foot with quality control and improving our products. Nearly every week Diff Lab provides feedback to manufacturers which has the potential to improve product performance and longevity. Ensuring that the products are both fit-for-purpose and reliable is very important. I am fortunate to work with manufacturers who share this vision.
I am also modding these units to have improved pre-load (similar to a Superlock or Hybrid pre-load mechanism) and to run on OS250R oil, which can improve the feel and longevity of these units. There is a small cost for this mod.

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