VE-VZ Commodore ZF LSD

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Why settle for a slap together for your Commodore's ZF Aluminium differential? Diff Lab has reverse-engineered all of the assembly line production tools used by Holden/ZF and created all five press tools, stainless pinion shims, stainless side shims, and a rear cover with window for inspection of the meshing pattern and backlash. These can be set up with new aftermatket gears, and a perfect competition meshing pattern, because we have the tools, the shims, the fine measuring equipment, and the patience to set it up right. Could this be the only complete assembly-line blueprinting tool set in the world for these outside of the original manufacturer? Just maybe..
Now who wants one of these with an OS Giken Superlock? We will have Superlocks for the ZF Alu diff made in Japan if there is demand for them.
VE VZ Commodore LSD
VE Commodore ZF Eaton

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