Wavetrac Australia

Diff Lab is an authorised importer, stockist and warranty agent for Wavetrac torque biasing differentials. Diff Lab offers the best pricing, the best service, and even installation kits for popular vehicles.

Why buy your Wavetrac from Diff Lab?

  • Difff Lab is a fully authorised importer and stockist.
  • Diff Lab can install your new Wavetrac in-house.
  • Diff Lab has been authorised to rebuild Wavetrac in-house.
  • Diff Lab has hard-to-find bearings, seals etc for European vehicles.
  • Diff Lab is actively involved in motorsport, not just an online retailer.

Purchase your new Wavetrac from Diff Lab today and experience the ultimate torque biasing grip and vehicle control you deserve.

*Wavetrac is a registered trademark of Autotech Driveline, USA.