BMW E28, E30, E32, E34, E36 (323i, 325i, 328i, 525i, 535i, 735i)

BMW medium sized differentials from E28, E30, E24, E34 and E36 including 323i, 325i, 328i, 525i, 535i, E36 M3 3.0L. These differentials have 6 bolt side covers and 8 bolt rear covers. These parts are not interchangeable with late model differentials from E39 onwards (see 188K for E39 and E46). There are two different offsets which are not interchangeable: standard offsets are for 3.15 to 4.88. High offset is for 2.79 to 3.07. You need to use a standard offset LSD with standard offset gears. By default all LSDs will be supplied in standard offset.