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BMW 188mm LSD 4-Clutch 2-Way 45% / 45% (E30 E34 E36)

Diff Lab

  • $1,399

** IMPORTANT ** Due to shortages of these units, they are no longer available for sale on their own. This listing is still active because they are used in our assemblies. If ordered, we are sorry to say the order will be refunded. Hyperlock LSDs are kept in stock and are far superior.


The best-selling Diff Lab 4-clutch unit, assembled with good used plates or new plates. These units are machined with a proprietary method which does not require the removal of 4mm of metal from the LSD's cap, and they are sprung! They have four full-thickness steel plates. Thus these units are the strongest available, and the pre-load is consistent. This is the very best 4-clutch build available anywhere in the world.

4 Clutch LSD for extreme performance. 2-Way 45 degree ramps on coast and drive give 45% lockup on coast and 45% on drive. These are suited to road cars which see the occasional track day. This is a highly versatile build which suits most tracks. For competitive race cars go with the "new clutch plates" option.

This 188mm LSD unit (not whole diff) fits most E28, E30, E32, E34, E36, M3 3.0L and Z3. Fits the 6 cylinder models only, or a 4cyl model if it has the larger diff.  This is the LSD centre of choice for circuit racing, club racing and dedicated track cars. A very significant improvement in cornering speed and general performance. Diff Lab also sells gear sets, clutch kits and LSD rebuild kits.

These LSDs are fully rebuilt, cleaned, inspected and oiled. Worn components have been replaced, steel surfaces machined where necessary, and clutches are replaced with brand new or near-new OEM parts as required. Old bearings have generally been removed.

Upgrades: The New Clutches upgrade is normally $678 (two sets) and includes four Hardcore Steel Plates and four new OEM clutch plates. The bolt upgrade is very highly recommended to avoid top cap breakage. The 4140 slloy steel cap upgrade is an excellent choice for track cars and aggressive road cars where diff failure is not an option.

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