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BMW 188mm LSD Zexel Torsen Helical (E30 E34 E36)


  • $1,699

Suitable for road cars and cars which are tracked only occasionally. Good for stock and lightly modified motors only. These are often out of stock due to limited availability. See the 188mm 4-clutch LSD for most road and race applications.

This Torsen LSD unit (not whole diff) is to fit most E28, E30, E32, E34 and E36, Z3 and maybe others. Fits the 6 cylinder models only, or a 4cyl model if it has the larger diff. This LSD centre is a direct fit to E30/E34/E36 diffs, is clutchless, and maintenance free. This unit is a very similar internal design to the Quaife, and is an OEM unit. It uses worm gears to bias torque, and delivers torque according to load. A great LSD centre for road and race. Suitable for modified motors. Good physical and operational condition. A really significant improvement in cornering speed and general performance. I also sell gear sets and LSD rebuild kits.

These have been in very short supply. Contact me to see whether any are available.

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