Nissan R200 S14 LSD 2-Way Hyperlock

Nissan R200 S14 LSD 2-Way Hyperlock


  • $1,999

These units require machine work to be performed on the 3.08 ring gear (cutting, drilling, tapping). We perform this in-house, and this is recommended. You can purchase these LSDs on their own, but the installation is beyond the ability of most differential shops. For the best outcome, book the differential assembly in with Diff Lab.

The Hyperlock brand is synonymous with affordability and performance. Though the range is limited, there are currently no COVID-19 related production issues (common with other brands) so availability is excellent.

Hyperlock Limited Slip Differentials feature:

  1. Heat treated Manganese Carbon spring steel plates.
  2. Heat treated (HRC 57+) 20CrMnTi bevel gears, splined gears, cross bars.
  3. Heat treated 20CrMnTi capsule (HRC 35+).
  4. High tensile 12.9 hardware fitted.
  5. Machined to the highest quality standards.
  6. Set up individually to suit each vehicle perfectly.
  7. Custom setup available with 200+ possible configurations.

Hyperlock Design Features:

  1. Negative pre-load (improved cornering, more oil-flow, lower temps).
  2. High plate-count, low pressure.
  3. Grooved plates for smooth operation.
  4. Sprung design for lower noise over time.

Hyperlock Guarantee:

  1. Five year guarantee from the date of purchase.
  2. Smooth and quiet operation is guaranteed for street units.
  3. Guaranteed perfect setup for unmodified or lightly modified vehicles.

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