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Liqui Moly 75W140 Gear Oil 1L

Liqui Moly

  • $79

Liqui Moly 75W140 synthetic lubricant for limited slip differentials. Two bottles are required for most differentials.  Made in Germany. Can be used for amateur motor racing in Diff Lab differentials.

Though not technically a race gear oil, this OEM grade oil will out-perform just about anything else in this viscosity including many race oils. It will do 12 hour enduros and come out fresh and un-burned (diff cooler fitted) and with very low levels of contamination. This is extremely high performance oil. It is so effective, that it can be used in place of OS250R race oil, so long as a diff cooler is fitted.

This is the best choice for E30/E36/E46 taper bearing differentials. Diff Lab taper bearing differentials (all BMWs pre-2006) generally need with 2L (2x bottles) of this oil. It should be changed after the first race with a brand new differential or 1000 road kms and then every 3~5 race meetings or 10,000 road kms (5000kms if tracked).

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