Cat Cams BMW S38 M88 299/294 (1301009)

Cat Cams

  • $2,559

Cat Cams to suit BMW S38 and M88.

Following details must be verified:
-the camshafts must turn smooth in the cylinder head, provide free travel by machining where needed
-distance between valve seal and retainer at full lift must be 0.6mm at least
-minimum valve spring travel of 1.0mm at full lift must be provided
-distance between valve and piston 1.0mm (pref. 1.5mm). check 5-15° before TDC on exhaust, and after TDC on intake

These profiles require race cam followers with shim between cam follower and valve (shim under follower). It is not possible to use these profiles on std cam followers with the shim between the follower and the cam (shim over follower).

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