BMW F-series M2 M3 M4 Diff Bracket Upgrade

Diff Lab

  • $1,599

Improve your differential mounting by creating 2 mounting points, combined with replacing the OEM rubber mounts.  The OEM differential mount has only 1 rear mounting point. If higher strength is needed, especially for motorsport usage, a second mounting point can be used with our BMW F-Series (M2/M3/M4) differential bracket kit.

Our BMW differential mounting sets are designed to keep one degree of freedom with sliding bushes. You will have all benefits from a rigid mount, but avoid the high forces which normally occurs with a 100% rigid mount. The POM bushes will reduce peak forces, but the steel inserts will allow you to mount the differential with appropriate bolt torques (no deformation of the material). This type of bushings can absorb slight chassis deformations (eg. when hitting curbs).

This complete set contains all you need (washers, bolts etc.) to upgrade your differential mounting.

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