BMW E36 M3 OS Giken Clutch and Flywheel STR Twin-Plate

OS Giken

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Diff Lab (OS Giken Australia) is the sole official Australian distributor of OS Giken for the Australian market. Diff Lab and OS Giken Australia are your direct line to OS Giken hedquarters in Japan, for the fastest service, and the best support.

The world's best single plate, double-plate and triple-plate clutch kits direct from OS Giken, Japan. Use the drop-down menu beside the price to select the appropriate model for your vehicle. Models are described below.

Due to the substantial number of models available, many are built to order. Some popular units are kept at Diff Lab, though most will be assembled when ordered.


OS Giken Clutch Models

 Super Single Series

OS Giken Super Single

Super Single: For lightly tuned vehicles. Single plate design and close-to-standard pedal feel. Features an alloy or steel pressure plate. Metal type clutch disc. More sporty engagement versus OEM.

GT/GTS Series

Streetmaster Series

Streetmaster GT(S): Half the clutch area of the twin plate series while still maintaining the durability of the twin plate design. Available in mono-metal and twin-metal. Features much of the same technology and materials as the twin plate design. Very sporty engagement. The "S" adds a sprung centre for more gentle engagement and reduced gearbox noise.

STR Series

STR Series

STR Series: A new generation of sport clutch which is aimed at sports vehicles with comfort. These units feature lighter pedal effort and a clutch plate design which is easier to manipulate. Easier sports driving, while maintaing that signature OS Giken reliability and durability. Suitable for spirited street driving, casual track days and modified engines. Ratings are up to 400HP.

TS Series

TS Series

TS Series: Available as a twin-plate or triple-plate. Suitable for dedicated race vehicles participating in circuit racing, hill-climbing, short-course, drift, dirt, and gymkhana. Up to 500HP. Assembled as a 184mm, 204mm and 215mm unit depending on vehicle.

TR Series

TR Series

TR Series: A reinforced twin-plate design designed for heavy duty circuit racing applications. Up to 600HP rating. Assembled as a 184mm, 204mm and 215mm unit depending on vehicle. Hard engagement.

R Series

R Series

R Series: A very light assembly suited to the peak of motorsport where every millisecond counts. The hardest engagement. Up to four clutch discs. Ratings up to 700HP. Not suitable to road use.



When comapring HP ratings for these units, these ratings are realistic, and suit a high quality tyre, with spirited driving. Ratings can be decreased for extremely aggressive driving e.g. competitive drift. Not all series are avaialble for all vehicles. Where a model of clutch is available, it is listed on the Diff Lab site under that vehicle. Specifications may change without notice.


 Features of OS Giken Clutch and Flywheel Products

Reduced Pedal Effort

The design, material, and heat treatment of the diaphragm spring has been designed to maintain clamping force while reducing the pedal effort by about 25%.

OS Giken Clutch Spring

Light it Up

We have selected the optimal lightweight flywheel for each vehicle type based on our experience and expertise.

Os Giken Flywheel CAD

Reducing Inertia

By reducing the clutch disk inertial mass, we can optimise the synchromesh engagement, enabling quicker shifts.

OS Giken Disc

Cool It

By providing slits on the disc surface, the air flow is controlled and excellent cooling performance is achieved. Furthermore, the aluminum cover is used to efficiently dissipate the heat generated internally.

OS Giken Cooling

Superior Metal

By adopting a reliable and proven metal disk, we achieve "direct" transmission performance without the lag or disconnected feeling which is experienced with inferior materials.

OS Giken Metal Disc


Part Numbers

Example: TS 2 B D

Clutch Cover: TS = Pressed, TR = Aluminium, R = Centre Hub Aluminium

Number of discs: 1 through 4

Disc Diameter in mm: A = 184, B = 204, C = 215

Style: D = Disk type with damper, W = Heavy Flywheel, S = Single Spring  Type


OS Giken Australia vs Grey Importers

OS Giken Australia
Grey Importer
Official distributor and stockist of OS Giken in Australia No authorisation from OS Giken HQ in Japan to sell OS Giken in Australia
Local stock of OS Giken's popular range in Brisbane, Australia. Grey imported items from an offshore retailer. Delayed delivery.
Products come direct from OS Giken, Japan. Products are shipped to an offshore retailer, then to grey importer, then to you.
Products receive the full support from OS Giken Australia, and OS Giken Japan. No support from OS Giken Australia for grey imports. No warranty via OS Giken Australia.
Chepest possible spare parts from OS Giken Australia. Spare parts come via offshore retailer, then to grey importer, then to you.
Free custom setup to suit your vehicle and application from OS Giken Australia. No local custom setup available. Little knowledge available.
Warranty repairs in Brisbane. Who knows?
Phone and email support in Australia. Who knows?
Fitted in-house in Brisbane. Usually online sales only.


When you purchase from OS Giken Australia and Diff Lab, you are purchasing fully authorised goods, direct from OS Giken headquarters in Japan. We supply to many retailers across Australia, so check with them to ensure that they are purchasing from the official distributor (us) to ensure you are getting the best possible products and services. If they are not purchasing from OS Giken Australia (Diff Lab) the goods are unauthorised grey imports.

OS Giken Australia

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