BMW 215K 215LW LSD MFactory 1.5-Way / 2-Way - DiffLab

BMW 215K 215LW 135i 335i 140i LSD MFactory 1.5-Way V2 (MF-TRS-10E92)


  • $2,599

An advanced clutch-type 1.5-way / 2-way (twin ramps) aftermarket LSD for late model BMWs. Finally an LSD for your E39 540i, E9x 335i, M135i or M235i which is affordable. A 1.5-Way / 2-Way adjustable LSD featuring advanced technology and materials. Rated to 500HP.

This is a new MFactory LSD to fit late model 6/8 cylinder vehicles with the big-case 215k diff. This LSD features large oil passages which deliver around double the oil flow of even the M3 LSD. This LSD features:

  • Made from Japanese SAE 4320 steel
  • Forged, tempered and sub-zero treated
  • Low pre-load for chatter-free performance
  • Adjustable 1.5-way / 2-way

The technology inside, and the quality of the materials are exceptional.

A very significant improvement in cornering speed and general performance. A must-have for track-day cars, club racers and enthusiasts. We also sell gear sets, clutch kits and LSD rebuild kits.

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