BMW 210mm 215K 215LW E36 M3 3.2L Output Shafts Pair - DiffLab

BMW 210mm E90 E92 M3 Symmetrical Output Shafts Pair

Diff Lab

  • $799

These output shafts are the correct shafts for the E36 M3 LSD swap into the E90 E92 M3 to fix the noisy diff "M clunk" issue that is common with the M3 due to a design issue with the M Variable GKN LSD they are fitted with. Sometimes the M clunk in the factory M3 differential extends to the drive shafts as well, so check those for free-play, especially the right shaft. The design of the M3 is such that generally the right-hand output shaft suffers the most free-play. You can fit these output shafts and the 210mm 1.5-way or 210mm 2-way LSD listed in this store to rectify this problem. The 210mm Hyperlock LSD is recommended for race vehicles. Diff Lab also sells the Superlock 210mm LSD.

These are equal length to suit all LSDs which require this type of shaft (Hyperlock, OS Giken, Wavetrac, MFactory metal plate LSD, Cusco).

These are new shafts.

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