Assembly - LSD Install (BMW Classic <1996)

Assembly - LSD Install (BMW Classic <1996)

Diff Lab

  • $199

An LSD installation into a classic BMW differential from 1970s to 1996. Can only be ordered with an LSD and LSD install kit (188mm or 210mm). For repairs, contact us and we can inspect the diff and quite repairs.

This service includes any side shims needed to do this job. These shims do not need to be purchased separately.

You'll normally want some oil too:

For Hyperlocks and Superlocks: OS250R

You will be contacted regarding sending the differential core in for an upgrade, after purchasing this item, and the corresponding LSD unit, LSD Install Kit etc.

There may be a, additional freight cost (to be determined). You'll be contacted when all freight costs are known, if the web store calculates this inaccurately.

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