Fees, Assembly and Repair

Diff Lab provides very competitive pricing on labour. Often the cost of assembling a differential plus freight to and from Diff Lab in Brisbane is equal to the cost to build a differential locally. As it usually won't cost you any more, there is no reason why you can't have the very best differential assembly for your BMW.


Fees for labour are as follows:

Standard Differential Assembly - $399 plus GST

Differential Assembly where customer supplies parts - $529 plus GST

Ball Bearing Differential Assembly - $429 plus GST

LSD Installation only (LSD purchased from Diff Lab) - $199 plus GST

LSD Installation only (LSD not purchased from Diff Lab) - $299 plus GST

Differential Ring and Pinion Lapping - $190 plus GST

Rust Removal Bath - $99 plus GST

Differential Oil Drain and Disposal - $19 plus GST

Differential High Pressure Cleaning - $29 plus GST

Differential Disassembly and Disposal - $39 plus GST

Re-Stocking Fee - 15% of item's listed value


Differentials which are dirty, oily or greasy will attract a cleaning fee. Differentials which are not drained will attract an oil disposal fee. Differentials which are too rusty to work on require a 24 hour rust removal bath and will attract a $99 fee. If you require the removal of a ring and pinion from a differential this will attract a disassembly fee. The disassembly fee includes disposal of the case and other items which are unused. Items which are special-ordered at your request and are no longer wanted will attract a 15% re-stocking fee.

Diff Lab offers free packaging for freight, with no handling charges. Differentials are plastic wrapped, bubbled wrapped, with protective foam added on the cooling fins, all free of charge. Diff Lab can organise courier pickups of differentials at no extra charge on top of the freight cost.


Assembly Time

Custom differentials which require CNC machine work take longer than standard differential builds which don't require CNC machine work. These are 135i Manual, 235i Manual, 335i Manual and 435i Manual. Any other differentials with welded crown gears also have longer lead times. Often these are available on exchange for immediate change-over. If they aren't, they are processed in batches and may take 3-4 weeks before the batch is complete. Diff Lab generally keeps the 188L and 215K sized differentials fitted with Helical LSDs in stock for immediate exchange. You will be informed up-front if there is no exchange diff available. Once work has begun on your differential, there is no way to re-assemble the unit after the ring gear has been cut off the carrier. Work must proceed with the LSD fitment in order to make the differential functional again. There is no financial compensation available if you decide that you cannot wait for the CNC work to be completed, and your differential is finished.


Noisy Differentials

Diff Lab's focus is the assembly of racing differentials with custom and aftermarket limited slip units. Diff Lab can repair blown and noisy differentials also, but there is risk carried by the customer in doing so. 168L/LW differentials fitted to 1-series, 2-series and 3-series 4 cylinder vehicles have a design flaw which leads to premature bearing failure. Diff Lab can replace the bearings in these units with new OEM parts. The design flaw remains, and the differential may fail again. Diff Lab takes no responsibility if the differential suffers bearing failure again. The customer has been warned up-front of the design flaw, and accepts responsibility for the differential. 188L/LW differentials suffer from premature ball bearing failure also, though not as frequently as the 168L/LW units. It is possible to strengthen the carrier bearings in these only. The problematic pinion ball bearings remain and these are not covered by any kind of warranty, as they are a known point of failure. The customer is warned up front about differentials fitted with ball bearings.

At Diff Lab there is no provision for working on vehicles. For diagnosis of noisy differentials it is best to attend one of Diff Lab's partner workshops. Diff Lab accepts responsibility for diagnosis only when performed by a partner workshop.