Link ECU Exhaust Gas Temp Probe EGT

Link ECU Exhaust Gas Temp Probe EGT

Link Engine Management

  • $169

Extreme Duty Fast Response EGT Temperature Probe

    Type K thermocouple probe
    Exposed sensing junction for fastest response
    Includes 316 SS adjustable compression fitting
    Stainless steel protected wires
    Designed for extreme engine test & racing environments


Thermocouple type: K

Range: -148 to 2372°F (-100 to 1300°C)

Accuracy: +/-0.4% of reading or about +/- 1.1°C (Special Limits of Error)

Probe diameter: 1/4 inch (0.250 inch) (6.35 mm)

Sensing Junction: Exposed, Ungrounded

Response Time*: 150 mS

*Time Constant: Defined as the time required to reach 63.2% of an instantaneous temperature change

Five time constants are required to approach 100% of the step change value

Outer Sheath Material: Inconel, melting point 2550°F (1400°C)

Cable: Stainless steel overbraiding over Teflon™ insulated, stranded wires, 20 gauge

Compression Fitting: 316 stainless steel, adjustable, 1/8 inch –27 NPT male thread

Wiring: + = Yellow – = Red

*When using this with a WireIn ECU other than the Thunder, you will need to use an amplifier.

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