BMW S50 S52 S54 M50 M54 Oil Cooler Diverter by Diff Lab - DiffLab

BMW S50 S52 S54 M50 M54 Oil Cooler Diverter by Diff Lab

Diff Lab

  • $139

This Australian made diverter piece is machined from aluminium, and features a rubber o-ring seal rated to 170deg c. This diverter blocks off the high pressure oil source from the oil cooler outlet, thus forces the engine oil to flow through the oil cooler all of the time, instead of only at very high temps. All other oil diverters on the market do not provide a complete seal. Only Diff Lab's oil diverter has a tight o-ring seal which completely blocks the high pressure side, with no leakage. To install this diverter, simply remove all of the thermostat parts and replace them with this piece. Unlike other oil diverters, no thermostat parts are re-used.

This part can drop oil temps by a considerable amount (depending on the size of your oil cooler and the ambient temp), and is recommended only where you know what you are doing, and have a thorough understanding of oil flow versus temperature, oil thickness at racing temperatures, and oil startup/cold thickness requirements. If any of this sounds confusing, you don't need this product. Generally, vehicles should run the standard thermostat to ensure that their engine oil thins as fast as possible, to ensure that the engine's high-RPM oil flow requirements are met. Keeping oil temps as low as possible (and keeping the oil thicker) is not a priority for most drivers. Most drivers should aim to have an oil system which maintains oil temp/thickness with a thermostat, which is what the S50 and S54 engines do already.

If you order one of these, you'll be contacted regarding the purchase. If you don't understand what the product does and why you believe you need it, your order will be cancelled. Diff Lab will not take any responsibility for engine damage caused by inadequate oil flow, due to excessive oil pressure and low oil temperature.

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