BMW M50 M52 Upgraded Oil Pump Shaft Kit

Diff Lab

  • $349

After witnessing countless instances of the oil pump shaft shearing off or splines stripping and oil pump nuts falling off or coming loose, all of which result in instant loss of oil pressure, we decided to develop solution. Don't let your oil pump leave you stuck with costly engine repairs or even worse.

Now included at no additional charge is our EDM Drilled Grade 8 Bolt and piece of safety wire to lay your worries to rest for good!

The ULTIMATE SOLUTION for your M50 M52 S50S52 engine.

Key Features

    Hardened chromoly centerless ground shaft
    EDM Drilled Bolt with a piece of safety wire included
    Grade 8 extended length hardware to secure the gear to shaft
    Left hand threaded to prevent it from unexpectedly coming loose
    Double-D keyed shaft and drive gear
    100% serviceable & rebuildable without the need for grinding.

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