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BMW E46 325i 328i 330i LSD Limited Slip Differential Upgrade

Diff Lab

  • $2,099

This is a limited slip upgrade for your E38, E39, E46, E53, E60 and most other 6cyl BMWs from 1998 to 2006. It is a mid-size 188K unit for cast iron differentials with 8 bolts on the rear cover and 90mm side seals and bearings. When ordering this unit, you need to send in your differential to have the LSD unit installed. Return freight is available at a very reasonable price. Most metro areas are only $25-45 delivery.

There are numerous options. Most customers should opt for the 1.5-way semi-race improved unit as this unit can be used for road and track, and has been modified for reduced noise. For the best possible experience, the 1.5-way ultimate unit is the smoothest, quietest LSD available, with extremely long service life.

Send in your differential to complete this upgrade. Instructions for sending in differentials can be found here.



Postage: Free delivery of your upgraded diff to RX Automotive, Rencal Motors and Brisbane Motor Works. An additional money request will be sent via Paypal if the checkout under-prices the freight significantly for your address, as it will do for all regional areas.

Exchange Freight Option: Select this if you would like Diff Lab to organise the freight to return your old differential on your behalf. You will be Emailed a courier label to stick onto the parcel and told which day to leave it out for courier collection. Select 'not applicable if you are going to organise your own fright to return your old differential.

Why choose Diff Lab?

See why this is the best choice for you and your BMW:

  1. Built in Brisbane by one of the most experienced BMW diff builders in Australia.
  2. Fully blueprinted to target specifications, not to any old specs within a wide range.
  3. All OEM parts used from the Diff Lab 188K rebuild kit that contains many extra components that other diff shops do not bother to use.
  4. New clutches and steels installed as required.
  5. Have any ratio you like - even the rare ones.
  6. Delivered to your door and ready to bolt in. Just add LSD oil.
  7. Exchange service with fast change-over. Usually assembled within 1-2 days.
  8. Our LSDs are inspected carefully with parts replaced as required.
  9. Never has an LSD been returned to me under warranty. I often repair other shops' work when it goes bad for the customer.
  10. Should you need support, you are in good hands and I will get you back on the road ASAP.
Diff Lab often rebuilds already rebuilt LSDs. There is only one way to rebuild an LSD and that is the correct way. Diff Lab diffs are built to work and last. They will not need to be opened for many years of road driving. Just change the oil with good quality a quality synthetic product as needed.

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