BMW 210K 215k 215LW 3 Piece Diff Shim Set by Diff Lab - DiffLab

BMW 210K 215k 215LW 3 Piece Diff Shim Set by Diff Lab

Diff Lab

  • $9,999

*These are now for reference only. Diff Lab no longer supplies these to other shops or to the public. These are fitted in house only as part of LSD installations and rebuilds.

This is a 3 piece diff shim kit to suit the E39 540i, E60 535i(MT)/540i/545i/550i, E90 and E92 335i, E81 and E82 135i manual / DCT/ Auto (>2007), F21 M135i manual, and F22 M235i manual. It contains four shims in two different sizes and 1 uprated circlip. Choose the best shim kit available in the world when installing an LSD or rebuilding your BMW differential.

You would need around 200 circlips on the shelf from wrecked diffs to blueprint a differential properly. That's 100 diffs worth of shims. With this kit you can have various sizes available at your fingertips with 0.1mm spacing. The remaining unused shims are reusable for other diffs, or for rebuilding the same diff. You buy one kit, and you can set your diff up many times with different gear sets and LSDs etc. You may need to use one of the original circlip shims when setting a diff up.

Installation is not a DIY job for beginners. You need a 0.01mm dial gauge and an in/lb gauge to setup a new LSD. With the right tools it is a 15-30 min job. I assemble fully blueprinted differentials on exchange with all new components. Diffs for most vehicles are in stock. Contact me for a quote on a complete diff upgrade solution.

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