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BMW 215K 215LW LSD Install Kit

Genuine BMW / OEM

  • $9,999

*Listed for reference only. These are no longer available to the public. These are fitted in house only and are not available for sale. You can order this kit as part of an LSD installation or complete rebuild for your differential.

This set suits the 215K differentials found in the 135i, 335i, E39 540i, 5-series and 7-series V8s. It includes:

  • 215K 215LW Shim Kit
  • 2x Carrier Bearings (taper or ball)
  • 2x Genuine Output Seals
Use this kit if you are installing a new LSD, and not installing a new ring and pinion. This kit does not include any pinion bearings or an input seal. This kit contains the same shim kit which is listed separately, plus two LSD carrier bearings and two genuine output shaft seals. This contains all that is needed to fully blueprint the LSD installation. The LSD can be moved in increments of 0.05mm ensuring total control over pre-load and backlash. This is the only kit available anywhere which offers such control.

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