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BMW 210mm LSD 4-clutch 1.5-Way 60% / 45%

Diff Lab

  • $2,599

A 1.5-way 4-clutch 210mm LSDs for E36 M3, E46 M3, E60 M5, E90 M3 and early 5/6/7/8 series V8s and V12s. This is a 4-clutch unsprung unit with 45% lockup on drive and 60% lockup on coast. Increased lockup on coast can provide a more engaged feeling off the throttle, and help to control inside wheel lockup under braking. 45% lockup on drive is plenty, and will control wheel spin under power. The vehicle will want to straighten out of corners under power. Generally this configuration is too strong for road vehicles.

The driver must rev-match carefully with this configuration, as mis-matches will activate a strong locking effect inside the LSD. This aggressive LSD configuration is best left to track vehicles running semi-slicks or slicks, with traction control completely disabled.

Only my custom LSDs are heat-treated, and feature relief cuts in the thrust plates to ensure long-life in the floating spider gears. Other LSDs are not heat treated and do not retain the floating spider gears. They will wear prematurely in both the splined gears and ramps. Other LSDs may also be noisy. My thrust plates are ground to minimise reduction in the internal dimensions, thus retaining the original preload. Diff Lab custom LSDs are not noisy or clunky. Aftermarket LSD performance at a much more affordable price, and half the rebuild cost. These LSDs are much quieter than most aftermarket LSDs. These are no longer available with used clutches, original bolts, bearings still installed etc. The only 210 LSDs now on offer are fully optioned units.

There is only one configuration for these custom LSDs and that is:

  • 1.5-way Ramps
  • 45% lockup on drive, 60% lockup on coast
  • New genuine clutch plates (x4)
  • New 12.9 Durlok cap bolts
  • Resurfaced thrust plates
  • Old bearings removed
  • Thrust plate relief cuts
  • Threaded cap

When fitting this LSD into the E46 M3, E60 M5 or E90 M3 you will also need E36 M3 3.2L output shafts. This is the correct LSD to fix the M Clunk in the M cars.

This is a 210mm LSD unit (not whole diff). Fits the models above only. Does not fit E39 V8 or later. Guaranteed good physical and operational condition. Will change the whole car! A very significant improvement in cornering speed and general performance. A must-have for track-day cars, club racers and enthusiasts.

These LSDs are fully rebuilt, cleaned, inspected and oiled. Units have either new or near-new OEM clutches fitted. Worn components have been replaced, steel surfaces machined where necessary. Old bearings have usually been removed. These are ready to be installed and backed by a warranty.

Would you risk purchasing an LSD that wasn't rebuilt with new OEM parts, and backed by a local warranty?

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