BMW 188K 188LW Master Diff Shim Set by Diff Lab - DiffLab

BMW 188K 188LW Master Diff Shim Set by Diff Lab

Diff Lab

  • $699

This is a 30 piece workshop-sized diff shim kit to suit the above vehicles with the mid-sized 188K, 188L and 188L/W diff. There are enough shims included to rebuild around a dozen diffs. This is most BMWs after ~1998. It contains all of the shims needed for a new blueprinted assembly. This is the ONLY kit available in the world which can achieve any sized shim height between 3.00mm and 5.00mm in 0.05mm increments. This is the largest shim kit available in the world. The is the only shim kit which can absolutely achieve factory specifications to within 0.02mm backlash on the pinion and to within 1 in/lbs carrier pre-load. These are the only shims available for these diffs which are slotted, and feature circlip style holes for much easier installation and removal. Choose the best shim kit available in the world when installing an LSD or rebuilding your BMW differential.

Installation is not a DIY job for beginners.  You need a 0.01mm dial gauge, a 10+ tonne press and an in/lb gauge to setup a new LSD. With the right tools it is a 15-30 min job. I assemble fully blueprinted differentials on exchange with all new components. Diffs for most vehicles are in stock. Contact me for a quote on a complete diff upgrade solution.

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