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BMW 188K 188LW LSD Cusco RS 1.5-Way


  • $1,989

A 1.5-Way LSD in 188K and 188LW to suit early BMWs.  These are special order. Please allow up to 2 weeks lead time.

This is a new Cusco LSD to fit late 6 cylinder vehicles with the mid-case 188K or 188LW ball bearing diff. This LSD features large oil passages which deliver around double the oil flow of even the M3 LSD. This LSD features:

  • Grooved thrust plates, friction plates and steel plates.
  • Compression springs for preload instead of inferior cone springs.
  • Two lockup settings, adjustable by the user.
  • Internals cast from chrome molybdenum for light weight and strength.
A very significant improvement in cornering speed and general performance. A must-have for track-day cars, club racers and enthusiasts. We also sell gear sets, clutch kits and LSD rebuild kits.


To install this LSD, you will require a 188K / 188LW shim kit. You cannot set the pre-load and backlash properly without it.

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