BUY DIRECT AND SAVE Most small parts qualify for inexpensive national freight to metro areas at just $15.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING is available to most countries. Contact me if your country does not show up in the checkout and I will add it for you. If you think the freight cost is incorrect (too high) to your country, please contact me. There are other options.

PRICE GUARANTEE is available on most items we stock. If you find a stocked item cheaper somewhere else, Diff Lab will attempt to provide the cheapest price and offer fast postage to get the item in your hands ASAP.

FAST EXCHANGE is available on full differential builds. Return freight is organised for you. It's so quick and easy to exchange your tired old diff for a new BMW LSD. Freight is fast and inexpensive to most metro areas.

Diff Lab is a BMW specialist and the largest seller of BMW limited slip differentials, gear sets and rebuild kits in Australia. Based in Brisbane, QLD.

Diff Lab stocks gear sets in all sizes (168mm, 168k, 188mm, 188k, 188L/LW, 210mm and 215k) to fit your differential. Motorsport and MFactory forged gears are available as a new item. Diff Lab stocks LSDs to fit your differential in 168mm, 168k, 188mm, 188k, 215k and 210mm, in various configurations including 4-clutch, steel-plate, helical and 1.5-way adjustable units.

100% Australian, with local support, genuine parts an quick delivery on most items. Some items are Australian Made. Complete, ready-to-bolt-in differentials are available. They feature 2-clutch or 4-clutch LSDs with 2-way or 1.5-way ramps.

Diff Lab is the Australian retailer of MFactory BMW differential parts including steel plate LSDs, helical LSDs and gear sets. Many common MFactory items are on the shelf for immediate delivery.

Diff Lab does not have workshop facilities for installing differentials into vehicles. Removal and installation of differentials is performed at one of our Partner Workshops.

(07) 3077 6660

 - Mike, owner at Diff Lab.