Hyperlock Logo

The Hyperlock brand is synonymous with affordability and performance. Though the range is limited, there are currently no COVID-19 related production issues (common with other brands) so availability is excellent.

Hyperlock Limited Slip Differentials feature:

  1. Heat treated Manganese Carbon spring steel plates.
  2. Heat treated (HRC 57+) 20CrMnTi bevel gears, splined gears, cross bars.
  3. Heat treated 20CrMnTi capsule (HRC 35+).
  4. High tensile 12.9 hardware fitted.
  5. Machined to the highest quality standards.
  6. Set up individually to suit each vehicle perfectly.
  7. Custom setup available with 200+ possible configurations.

Hyperlock Design Features:

  1. Negative pre-load (improved cornering, more oil-flow, lower temps).
  2. High plate-count, low pressure.
  3. Grooved plates for smooth operation.
  4. Sprung design for lower noise over time.
  5. Ultra-fine finish on all plates.

Hyperlock Setup:

  • Ramp configurations: 1-Way, 1.5-Way, 2-Way
  • Available ramp angles: 30˚, 35˚, 38˚, 40˚, 45˚, 50˚, 55˚, 60˚, 70˚
  • Available spring pressures: 80lbs, 180lbs, 280lbs
  • Spring configurations: 0-springs, 4-springs, 8-springs, 12-springs
  • Default setups for all vehicles, to suit road vehicles.
  • Custom setup is FREE!