About Diff Lab

Diff Lab is a BMW specialist and the largest seller of BMW limited slip differentials, gear sets and rebuild kits in Australia. It is based in Brisbane, QLD and exports to customers all over the world.

Diff Labs sells gear sets in all sizes (168mm, 168k, 168L, 168L/LW, 188mm, 188k, 188L, 188L/LW, 210mm, 215K) to fit your differential. Motorsport gears are available as a new item. We stock LSD carriers to fit your differential in 168mm, 188mm and 210mm, in various configurations including 4-clutch and 1.5-way units.

Diff Lab builds custom differentials to suit your BMW for race and road.

Diff Lab is 100% Australian, with local support, genuine parts and quick delivery on most items.

Complete, ready-to-bolt-in differentials are available. They feature 2-clutch or 4-clutch LSDs with 2-way or 1.5-way ramps. New LSDs include MFactory, Cusco and Drexler.

Contact me directly:

07 3077 6660

 - Mike
Owner at Diff Lab.