Choosing the Correct LSD and Gear Set

Early Differentials

168mm LSD - To fit BMW E30 318i and 318is, E36 318i and 318is. Also fits E21 and 2002 with some additional work.

188mm LSD - All of the 188mm LSDs will fit any BMW vehicle that takes the standard 188mm LSD. These include E28, E30 323i, 325i and 325e, E34 525i and 535i, E36 323i, 325i and 328i. Also fits the Z3 and a few other models including some 7 series with 6 cylinder motor.

210mm LSD - To fit the BMW V8 and V12 early models such as E34 540i, 740i, 750i, 840i, 850i. E34 M5. E36 M3 3.2L. E46 M3. Does not fit the E39 540i. The E46 M3 uses output shafts of unequal length.

If in doubt, ask and I will clarify with you. A picture of the diff can help.

168mm (6-bolt)
Longer output shafts. 6 bolts on the rear cover.
188mm (8-bolt)
Short output shafts. 8 bolts on the rear cover.
Fitted to M3, M5, V8 and V12 models only.

Late Differentials

The later style differentials use a different carrier. Early LSD carriers do not fit. We offer a custom-made LSD solution for all E46 vehicles to add an LSD to your existing differential, or a ready to bolt-in diff with an LSD fitted. These LSDs fit other vehicles of similar vintage such as E39 5-series. Check out the E46 / E90 LSD here.

E46 / E90 - all 6 cylinder vehicles

Pictured is a 188k Kompakt differential from an E46 325i. The E46 can now be fitted with a cost-effective Limited Slip Differential. My custom-made LSD carrier to suit the E46 Kompakt diff fits all E46 models with the 6 cylinder sized diff known as the 188k. Your 323i, 325i, 328i or 330i can now be fitted with a 2-clutch, 4-clutch, 2-way or 1.5-way limited slip differential. I can fit your differential with an LSD, or supply a complete diff ready to bolt-in. Cusco units are also available.

The LSD carrier is made from CNC machined alloy and is vastly stronger to the early carrier. It is coated for absolute protection against oxidisation. It utilises standard and easily obtainable OEM clutch discs which are inexpensive and in good supply.

To fit the LSD, your differential must have good bearings and seals. Noisy and leaky differentials are not suitable for the upgrade.